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Reloading Primers In Stock

Reloading Primers In Stock

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Reloading Primers In Stock

how are the stores stocks around you?

we all saw how after obama got elected prices jumped and stores were backordered on almost all reloading components. ive started to notice the prices are dropping and the stores are starting to have quite a bit more powder and stuff in stock.. same around where you are?? can i expect these prices to say put or should i maybe get 8 lbs of my favorite powder so i can keep reloading my hunting/target rounds if it disapears again? Primers are still mildly hard to come by or they are way over priced but im hoping the come back down

Better. But I am still having trouble with certain handgun calibers. The rifle calibers have been going down, you can get 5.56 for $5-$6 a box now instead of $10-$11 but handgun calibers are still high and $20 for a brick of .22 when it cost not even half that 2 years ago is still annoying. And the prices I suspect will remain stable but not go down and if they do not by much. Oddly enough with inflation counted we pay the same that we did in the 70's.

It is understood why such a sudden jump. Prices stayed the same for years, then a sudden market adjustment a gun and ammo buying panic spree the likes of which we have never seen and hopefully never have to see again compounded and jacked prices up. All this happening in a very short time. I bought 1,000 rounds of .45ACP and a WASR in September 2008 because I knew it was going to happen. I don't even have a .45. Everyone said "Oh your crazy, ammo will not disappear". I made a $400 profit on that ammo. I could of gotten more but one guy I let him pay the exact amount I paid. I sold the WASR, made $100. But then again that was an investment against what we thought would be a ban and us fighting literally for our freedoms. It never happened. But I got a nice 700 with the money.

The gun buying spree has not really ended though. If you look at the NICS numbers were still high and are still nearing or surpassing 1.1 million a month. I can't find the most recent one but I believe September was over 1.2 million.

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Reloading Primers In Stock

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